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Blue Sky Bistro Misison

Community, Health and Earth

At Blue Sky Bistro we’ve helped local schools and non-profits raise money 
by turning delicious bites into contributions. We have built our business on the spirit of supporting and giving back to our community.

We source locally grown fresh produce, avocados for our hand made guacamole, locally made tortillas, Mary's Free Range Chicken, Joebella's Organic Coffees and more. You’ll find both locally wild-caught and Sustainable seafood on our menu for a good reason – catching everything in the wild would deplete the very resource to which we owe everything. That’s why we also source sustainable seafood raised in clean waters, free of growth hormones and harmful levels of toxins while helping our oceans thrive for years to come.

We believe in promoting the balance of nature by contributing to local conservancy and wildlife organizations. Since we are so fortunate to live in nature's paradise it is vital that we do what we can to protect our environment.

We also promote healthy and sustainable sourcing of our ingredients and products by utilizing recycled and compostable products. In addition we support organizations like Cal Pirg that is calling on restaurants to participate in stopping the overuse of pesticides and antibiotics in the food chain.

We are passionate about helping our local community through our Fundraiser program and look forward to supporting your organization in the near future!

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The current owners bought the restaurant in August 2010 and aim to build on her success. We are continuing the tradition of providing the best indoor / outdoor breakfast & lunch spot in Morro Bay. Casual, friendly service and great food.
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